Where To Buy

Palmateer Wine Group – United States

Contact the team on 415.306.1760 or info@palmateerwinegroup.com

C & O Wines – UK

Contact the team at www.cowines.com

Grapex – UK and Ireland

Contact the team via http://www.grapeuk.com/

Village Cellars – Japan

Contact the team via www.village-cellars.co.jp

Affinity Wines – NSW

Contact Robert Atkins on 0409 062 149 or rob@affinitywines.com.au

WineStore – Singapore

Contact the team via http://www.winestore.sg or Email: support@winestore.sg, Phone: 62922310

Grey Beard Trading – Wellington Region

Contact Neil Hickling on 021 712784 or greybeardtrading@gmail.com

The Wine Seller – Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty


Please contact us

Please contact Matahiwi Estate directly on +64 6 370 1000 or email sales@matahiwi.co.nz for details of distributors near you.