Our History

Matahiwi Estate, nestled in the heart of the Wairarapa, is not just a winery; we are a proud, award-winning, family-owned winery. Our commitment to crafting exceptional wines is a testament to our passion and dedication.

Our wines reflect the essence of our beautiful region, and with every bottle, we aim to capture the unique terroir of the Wairarapa. We invite you to experience the labour of love that goes into every drop and to savour the fruits of our labour.

Join us on a journey through the vineyard, and you’ll discover that at Matahiwi Estate, we not only make wine; we create a taste of our heritage in every glass.

Romeo Bragato, an Italian viticulturist & oenologist, was contracted by New Zealand’s Department of Agriculture in 1895 to advise on planting & pruning vines in New Zealand, from which he reported the ideal growing conditions that the Wairarapa & other regions in New Zealand offered potential grape growers.

French wife of early settler, William Beetham, was so inspired by our region when she left her Burgundian homeland to live in New Zealand,1880s and produced the region’s first Pinot Noir vintage in 1897. Prohibition came into force in the early 1900’s which saw an end to winemaking in the region.

Our Logo – The Phoenix

We adopted the mythical sacred firebird, the Phoenix, which has long been seen as a symbol of renewal as our logo. The Matahiwi Phoenix symbolises the rebirth of winemaking in the area for the first time since prohibition.

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