Boxing Day beach cricket rules

This is from Andrew, our brand and marketing guy…

Every Boxing Day, our family gets together on a small beach in the far north for the annual cricket match.
There are players of all ages so we’ve developed our own rules to adapt, depending on the number and ages of whoever shows up.


One cricket bat
Beach cricket ball – we prefer this one: Black Caps Swing Ball
One set of stumps (we use a stick for the bowler’s end)
A stick (to run around)


  • We agree to and mark out boundary lines – usually lines in the wetter/harder sand and and a few sticks in the soft sand.
  • We also draw large circles in the sand such as a slip corden and silly mid on – if a player over 9 years old hits the ball into these on the full they are out. You can use as many of those circle ‘fielders’ as you like depending on how many actual fielders you have, but don’t make then too close to the batter.
  • The field is set up with a stick at a close point position for the batsmen to run around.
  • It’s ‘tipny’ runs, meaning every time the battler hits a delivery in any way, they have to run – around the stick and back to the stumps
  • There is the one hand /one bounce rule for anyone over 9 – the ball can bounce once and if it’s caught with one hand, the batter is out.
  • The opening batsmen is selected by one of the adults, and whoever gets that batsmen out goes in to bat next.
  • We then stick to that batting order, and there are three full innings – everyone bats three times and the scores are written in the sand to be added up to find the winner.
  • There is no limit to the overs a batter can face, but you must retire on 30.
  • The bowling order is a bit more arbitrary, but once everyone has had a bowl, we stick to that order as close as we can.
  • There is also a discretionary rule that younger players cannot be out without scoring a run.