Christmas Cake & Orange Liqueur Ice Cream

By Boxing Day we’re starting to get a wee bit over Christmas Cake – this recipe is a very easy way to create an amazing dessert – the taste is sensational.


2 litres of vanilla ice cream (a tub of Tip Top works great)
1 kg of fruity Christmas Cake – either your own or Ernest Adams
½ cup of Orange Liqueur (we love Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur from Cardrona Distillery, but any orange liqueur will do)

  1. Break the Christmas Cake into chunks and mix in the Orange Liqueur
  2. Let the ice cream to go slightly soft – don’t let it melt, as it’s unsafe to refreeze
  3. Mix in the cake and liqueur, but not too much as you don’t want the cake to disintegrate
  4. Get it back in the freezer as soon as possible